Our Story



The shared nature of motorcycling fuels our apparel line, “Watch Out For Bugs on Steroids™.” In fact, it’s how we were born. As the founder and owner of “Watch Out For Bugs on Steroids™,” I take great pride in our origin story. It’s more than “biker versus bug.” It’s about all the pleasures and pains of the biking lifestyle and how sharing our stories builds camaraderie.

How were we born? One day while out riding my Harley, I stopped for a cold drink. I sat beside a couple, noticing their motorcycle helmets at their feet and myself wearing a motorcycle shirt was an ice breaker to say hello to my fellow enthusiasts. After agreeing to the beautiful day to ride, I went on to say “just before I got here I got hit by a bug so hard it felt like a bug on steroids.”

The young women repeated “a bug on steroids, that’s cute, I love that saying and it’s so true. Sometimes they do hit you like that! We have been riding 20 plus years and never heard anyone say bugs on steroids.”

The bug on steroids story opened a door to a deeper conversation and connection. She never heard it and I never said it before!

Soon we were sharing all of our “biker versus bug stories.” Biker versus construction. Biker versus traffic. Biker versus oblivious drivers. We were sharing stories about all of our triumphs, laughs, and close calls on the saddle.

For months I could not get bugs on steroids and the connection it forged out of my head, especially every time what seemed like a bug on steroids shot into me while riding my Harley! It was something all bikers could sympathize with and chuckle over: those rock-hard bugs that pummel you like something unnaturally juiced. But also those road experiences that open the door for a friendship, the “biker versus bug” story.

Our first artistic rendering of bugs on steroids-a colorful, magnified version of the suckers-grew in my imagination. This would be something familiar to all bikers, something fun for a clothing line that could represent how sharing our experiences builds our friendships.

I hired a patent and trademark attorney and here are “Bugs on Steroids™!” I’m looking forward to adding more staff to process and ship orders all over the country. In closing, be safe out there, enjoy the ride, and watch out for bugs on steroids!

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